Community Shred Day Events

Arch of Knowledge, Inc. partnered with other community organizations to provide our residents with free shred and e-cycling services. 

Coat Drives

For some, the winter season can be dangerously cold. People in our community are experiencing challenges such as poverty or homelessness and other necessities that make withstanding extreme temperatures unbearable. Our winter warmth drives help provide warm clothing items to help support vulnerable residents and local shelters in our area.

Canned Food and Meal Giveaways

 Hunger is an issue that affects every community. Our canned food drives help support our local food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens to keep their shelves stocked. These drives also help raise awareness about hunger in our community and encourage others to get involved in our fight against hunger. In addition, we partner with other local organizations to provide hot meals and holiday baskets to our first responders, residents, and shelters throughout PG county.

Toy Drives

AOK partners with local organizations and businesses to provide toys and other items to residents and family shelters during the holiday season. These toy drives are run to support and bring joy to some who may not otherwise experience it during the holidays.

Beautification Projects

Community beautification helps improve the quality of life of our residents. Living in pleasant surroundings can improve our neighbors’ daily life, safety, and well-being. It also helps to foster connections among residents of all ages. AOK partners with community organizations in hosting regular beautification events.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship means considering the impact of our actions and being responsible for the environmental quality for everyone in that area. AOK believes in the importance of environmental stewardship and works with residents and community partners  in efforts to conserve natural resources, combat pollution, and protect and sustain our natural environment for future generations. 

Warm Nights

Warm Nights is a Community Crisis Service Program that partners with the PG County Hypothermia Unit, local churches, and community organizations throughout Prince George’s County. This program attempts to meet the needs of men, women, and families experiencing homelessness. AOK contributes to this initiative by contributing food, gift cards, school supplies, toiletries, and other necessities.

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