Who We Are

Intergenerational Connections are defined as purposeful and intentional joining together of generations in ongoing and mutually beneficial activities. These connections allow youth and seniors to share their talents and resources while supporting each other in relationships, which ultimately benefit the individuals and the communities where they reside.

In a world of frequent isolation and short, impersonal media connections, Intergenerational programs give us the opportunity to bridge the gap between the generations in our community.  This allows us to create a strong sense of community and an appreciation for the contributions of each group. Intergenerational connections thrive and foster a willingness to cross disciplinary and cultural boundaries to solve problems that enrich lives and communities because of these programs.

Intergenerational Programs:

*Build new relationships and provide experiences that improves quality for all

*Provide interactions that can help diminish the impact of declining mental and physical health

*Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness

*Promote empathy and respect

*Dispel stereotypes and change attitudes about one another

*Enhance solidarity, active citizenship, and personal development

*Increase self-worth and sense of purpose

Intergenerational engagement can take place through several methods.  From workshops, events, and other bonding activities, Arch of Knowledge, Inc. will create intentional intergenerational connections that enrich the lives of all involved and enhance our communities. When we encourage these connections, our residents, families, and communities are better served.

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